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We had an awesome spring break road trip to southern California!

Day 1: Leaving at the crack of noon we loaded up the car and headed south to Pismo Beach, stopping at wineries in Passo Robels along the way…

Day 2: Slept in, had a big breakfast and then hit the beach! Francesca and I took the sands of Pismo in a racy little dune buggy and fetching pink helmets. The boys opted for even racier vehicles and tore up the dunes in ATVs. Fantastic views, hills of sand that stretched as far as the eye could see and an afternoon spent riding mindlessly around the beach, made for an exhilirating afternoon.

Day 3: Slept in, had a big breakfast and then headed for the Hollywood hills. We arrived in L.A. late afternoon. After checking into our scary hotel in downtown Hollywood we took off to find the famous “Walk of Fame” where all the stars’ stars are set into the sidewalk, and where the infamous Chinese theater is home to the handprints and footprints of the screens brightest luminaries. We toured Hollywood homes at dusk and ended up at Piccolo Paradiso for dinner for a very nice Italian dinner.

Day 4: Slept in, had a big breakfast (are you sensing a theme here?) and then made a mad dash through L.A. traffic to the Warner Bros. Studio for a back lot tour. We slid into our studio golf cart just in the nick of time to start our two hour tour, and what a tour we had! In the words of Barney Stinson…it was legendary!!! We saw the set for Friends and even snuck into the Big Bang set (that is, after much begging and pleading with our tour guide.) We were in awe to be standing in front of the famous stair case and the apartments doors that belong to Penny and Sheldon. Can you say unbelievable? We also saw lots of Harry Potter paraphernalia, costumes and even got sorted by the actual sorting hat used in the film. We were sad when our tour ended. Then it was back into the car to cross through more L.A. traffic to Anaheim, home to the happiest place in the world – Disneyland!

Day 5: Up early this day, but still had the big breakfast and then we were off to Disneyland! Needless to say we covered the entire park backwards, forwards and sideways and enjoyed all the rides! To name drop just a few, we rode Pirates of the Carabbean (where we saw Johnny Depp three times thank you very much!), Big Mountain Railroad, the teacups, Space Mountain & Finding Nemo  Oh, yes and there were hats involved…Mickey Mouse Sourcer hats and Minnie Mouse ears, ’cause they just kind of work and are really necessary in the happiest place one earth. By the end of the day, we were pretty tired campers and our legs felt like spaghetti. So we headed back to the hotel & the pool for a late night swim and a hot tub!

Day 6: We took on California Adventureland! Best part of the day…Tower of Terror, which we did twice (because that is just how we roll), Souring over California in hang gliders and The California Screaming Roller Coaster that actually did a 360 degree circle. We loved it! We finished the day having dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe and a fine viewing of fireworks over the Magic Kingdom.

Day 7: We wrapped up the L.A. part of our springbreak trip and departed for for Riverside, due west of L.A. to check out UC Riverside where Michael plans to attend college in the fall. After a marathon college tour of the campus we were sold! Michael is very happy with his choice.

Day 8: Taking the long road back home! Arrived back at the ranch and boy, was Sinbad happy to see us again! Home sweet home!

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