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It sure did fly by, but boy did we have fun! We celebrated Valentine’s day by making homemade pizzas and even a Nutella chocolate heart shaped pizza. The Nutella must have gone to our heads, or maybe it was the episode of Pride and Prejudice that we were watching, when mysteriously “Darcy” appeared spelled out in raspberries on our delectable chocolate pastry! We celebrated the big V day with a family dinner, presents, candy hearts, balloons and Snoopy greeting cards.

Over the long President’s Day weekend the kids and I drove through the Santa Cruz mountains and down into Carmel where we played on the beaches, gazed out into the ocean and waved to the sea otters that belly rolled in the surf below us. We took 17 mile drive and meandered on over to “Hogs Breath Inn” where we had lunch “Clint Eastwood” style. The wait was long, but the atmosphere, despite the chilly temps, was warm and inviting sitting on the patio next to a stone fire pit. We journeyed on to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we oohed and ahhhed over the jelly fish, sea horses, kelp forests, penguins and flamingos.

Oscar Sunday found us gussied up in black tuxes, fancy dresses & tiaras as we toasted the winners and rooted for Colin Firth and his film “The Kings Speech“. Jenny and Vic Langford joined us and Jenny even made gold shiny stars with Colin’s face emblazoned in the center to celebrate the occasion.

In February we discovered “Big Bang Theory” and the entire family is now hooked on the show. “Our whole univers was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started…ok now you have me singing the theme song….I digress!

March came in like a lion this year, with windy showers, preparing us for April flowers. One of the nicest things that blew into our lives the first weekend in March, all the way from Rome, was Francesca’s older sister Graziana and her friend Marika! It was quite a heartfelt and teary reunion at SFO when the sisters greeted each other after almost 6 months of separation. Ryan came down for a visit from Chico and our lovely large extended family filled our house to the brim! There were bowling tournaments, pasta dinners, Thai take out, a viewing of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” at the Paramount theater in Oakland, a trip to Half Moon Bay and the beach and a whirl wind tour or San Francisco, the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, the bridged was swathed in clouds and veils of rain, but still we caught glimpses of the famous red girders poking up through the mists of San Francisco Bay. We finished our day, as all days should be finished sipping chocolate sodas and frappacinos at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory in Girardelli Square. Ahhhh, contentment…and the month of March is off to a good start! Stay tuned for more March madness!


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